Fit & Fed

By Steph

Sample 1-Day Meal Plan (1)

We’ve made it 5 days into my Sugar-Free Challenge!!

You’re all doing SO great and I’m loving the feedback of everything you’re learning both about yourselves and the foods we often eat without a second thought of what’s in them. Keep up the amazing work!

Here’s another sample 1-day meal plan to inspire you as you plan for next week. Check out my Instagram post for a little video of what all these meals look like 😊

Below are the calories (if you count) as well as exactly what’s in each meal shown in this post so you can make your grocery list! 1600 calories isn’t what everyone needs in a day, so just scale up or down as needed. If you don’t count calories, that’s fine! Just use this as inspiration for what kind of meals to make and snacks to buy.

I hope you’re staring to get the hang of added sugar-free eating and learning that it most certainly does not have to be boring ❤️

Sample Day of Eats

1600 calories
  • Breakfast: (500 calories)
    • Cappuccino – made with ½ cup 2% milk (or your preferred milk)
    • 2 eggs, scrambled
    • 2 pieces sugar-free bacon
    • ¼ avocado
    • 2 small sweet potato toast topped with ¼ cup mashed raspberries
  • Lunch: (400 calories)
  • Snack: (200 calories)
    • ½ cup sugar-free muesli
    • ½ cup plain unsweetened Greek yogurt
  • Dinner: (400 calories)
  • Snack: (100 calories)
    • 1 large apple with cinnamon