Fit & Fed

By Steph

About Me

Hi there, my name is Steph!

I’ve been a nutrition, fitness, and wellness enthusiast for over 10 years – ever since adapting healthy habits helped me lose 54 pounds and take back my health.

I spent most of my life in Pittsburgh, PA, where I got my Bachelor’s degree in exercise science in 2017. I’ve since moved south and am currently completing my Master’s degree in dietetics to be a registered dietitian. My formal education has taught me a lot, but my personal health journey is what really makes me want to help others.

I understand the struggles and frustrations of weight management, gut imbalance, autoimmune symptoms, navigating the complicated world of fitness and nutrition, all while trying to maintain good wellness habits like proper sleep, meditation, yoga, and mindfulness. Oh – and being a real human during all of it, taking care of life responsibilities! It’s can feel SO overwhelming!

I’ve created this blog in hopes of simplifying it all and showing you the tips and tricks that have changed my life, as well as how you can implement them yourself.

All my recipes are gluten-free and Paleo-based – some of them contain gluten-free grains, legumes, and dairy, which makes them not fully Paleo. Everyone’s body is different, but I’ve found that moderation in certain foods and using high-quality ingredients allows me to feel healthy and enjoy life (and food!) while not feeling deprived.

I hope you enjoy my recipes, nutrition, and fitness posts ❤️ Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all, i’m here for you! Thank you so much for stopping by!